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Programmable Gas Mixer [GSM-3]

Create custom blends from any three gases.

GSM-3 Programmable Gas Mixer (Front)
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Standard Features

  • accurate custom gas mixtures
  • customized to user's flow & gas requirements
  • stored programs for immediate retrieval
  • stand alone or computer controlled
  • software allows timed protocols
GSM-3 Programmable Gas Mixer (Back)
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Applications & Benefits

  • hypoxic & hypercapnic stimulus
  • make any gas blend without ordering custom tanks
  • saves money and time!
  • automated gas switching without user intervention
GSM-Comm - remote control application for GSM-3 Programmable Gas Mixer
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Current Uses

  • respiration research
  • preclinical drug development
  • medical device testing
  • pollution control
  • and more!

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